not-so-stock photos

Stock. Synonymous with commonplace, dull, overused, hackneyed. This is not how you want to represent yourself and your business online. It's just not. Because you're anything but commonplace. 

Ideally, you'd have the time, vision, and budget to hire a pro to capture beautiful imagery for your site. But alas, you don't. You're busy. You prefer quality over quantity, and you're done sifting through free and cheap stock sites looking for something worthwhile. 

Enter Not-So-Stock. The beautiful solution. A curated collection of top notch imagery to represent your high end brand. So simple.

Themed sets of unique images, carefully curated to convey a specific and cohesive style across your website and web marketing. These are limited edition collections, so you can trust that you'll be one of only a very few entrepreneurs representing themselves with the same visuals. And if you really want to stand alone, I'm offering the option of exclusive licensing for a premium price (only the early bird gets the worm on this one, you have to be the first to buy any given collection to have the option of exclusivity). 

Each collection includes 6 images sized at 2000 pixels along the long side, large enough for you crop as you wish without losing quality, but small enough to upload as is. The license allows for commercial use across all web platforms without requirements for attribution (although credit or a link is always welcome). If you're looking for a fun read, here is the full license agreement (link to pdf). 

Perhaps the theme of your work doesn't match with the collections available here, in which case the custom option might just be your ticket. After purchasing the custom license (select any collection to proceed), you'll receive a short set of questions and an opportunity to line up a 15 minute phone consultation. From there, I'll craft the perfect series of images for you and deliver within one week. A full refund of your purchase is possible within the first week after delivery if you're not 100% satisfied. 

Have ideas for themes you'd like to see in future collections? Tell me all about it

Check out the collections below and enjoy the fact that you too are not at all stock. 

Why Not-So-Stock? 

✓  It's a time saver. No more time wasted crawling through stock sites. You can get back to the important work of wowing your clients.

  It's like shopping in a tiny curated boutique with clothes hand-picked for you rather than at Macy's. Which is to say it's a fun and refreshing experience. 

✓  It gives your website a cohesive, professional look with images that play well together, selected by a professional with an eye for detail, design, and subtle messaging.

✓  It sets you apart. With limited editions and the option of full exclusivity, you stand out from the crowd. Bold, clean images that are most definitely not so stock.

The Image Collections

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