Kayak Build

The construction of a skin-on-frame kayak in preparation for my source-to-sea paddle of the Columbia River.

Photo by Brian Schulz of  Cape Falcon Kayaks

Photo by Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks

I’m not much of a woodworker. At least not yet. But my dad sure is, and his expertise (and patience, and sense of humor) will help guide me through the process of building my first kayak. Between his in-person help and the online assistance of a certain kayak designer and builder extraordinaire, I’m in good hands. Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks designed the F1 skin-on-frame kayak I’m building, and his series of instructional videos are both intimate and professional, making it seem like he’s right here in the shop with me, walking me through the process step by step.

This photo was taken by Brian during my recent visit to Portland Oregon after a trial paddle in an F1 on the Willamette River.