Watershed Moments

A solo kayak expedition from source to sea on the Columbia River.

In summer 2019, I will embark on a solo kayak journey from source to sea on the Columbia River. I will spend 3 months paddling the 2000 kilometres between Canal Flats BC and Astoria Oregon. During my travels I'll be creating and exhibiting photographs in a growing grid of small prints sent weekly to Kootenay Gallery in Castlegar, BC and Columbia Art Gallery in Hood River, OR. The planned and spontaneous collecting of stories and perspectives of people along the way will add an element of social practice and will become part of a final collaborative trip log. 

In preparation for this project, I will be building a touring kayak with assistance from my father, a career boat-builder. I'll also be reading through a long list of books on the storied history of the Columbia River, and paying close attention to the re-negotiations of the Columbia River Treaty

The final form of this completed project will be a multi-layered exhibition with:
- the handcrafted kayak bearing scars of the journey and marks of the people I meet along the way.
- a series of photographic prints.
- a collaborative trip log with both planned and spontaneous entries from people in river communities.
- a large-scale mixed media model of the river made from raw canvas.

I hope that the resulting work will encourage viewers to contemplate their connection to the natural environment, and will allow people with differing views to see one another through a lens of compassion and interest.

I'll be welcoming friends and fellow river enthusiasts to join me on the water for any segment that appeals, whether for an hour or for a week. Please get in touch if you'd like to connect on the water.

This project is funded in part by Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance and I'm seeking additional funding to support the time on the water. If you're with an organization or business that would be interested in learning more about sponsorship, please inquire here

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